The 27th Alicante international icecream fair, organized by the National Business Asociation of Artesanal development and Icecream and Horchata Merchants(ANHCEM) counted with the presence of up to 48 expositors and 75 trademarks, national or international, besides, it gave room to the II Spanish Icecream Championship, with up to 12 competitors from different points of Spain.


Meanwhile, in another pavilion, we could find the first IFA Sweet festival, where met 35 expositors to offer the public a wide range of products for creative bakery, which is more popular every day, as it shows the over 6000 visitors it had.


This year, 8trade went to both fairs to offer you the last trends. As we’ve seen, within the icecream industry it’s getting more and more trending all the ecological and natural products, as we can find some lines for people with lactose intolerance.

Between the championship competitors, we could find some flavors as innovative as foie icecream or cassis with guarana sorbet.

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About creative bakery, We could find every product you could think of, and also some really interesting workshop such as those for kids or the one given by Paco Torreblanca, who also had a stand in the fair.

As far as we know, they will repeat next year, and 8trade will be there to inform you again!