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The University of Alicante, UA, is a public university, relatively young, with a modern, avant-garde and spectacular branch campus.

In the UA you could pursue studies of letters and sciences, social sciences and law, architecture and engineering, and health sciences, organized into six faculties and a Polytechnic University.

The AU has a powerful and varied cultural and sports as well as magnificent and modern facilities.The UA team is formed by 3,800 teachers, administrative officers and services staff.The students body is formed annually by about 32,000 Spanish and 1200 foreigners students taking an official degree.

The UA has a healthy and accessible infrastructure.

It is a bilingual university, but institutional commitment to multilingualism of all members of the university community, incorporating English teaching.

Some cultural activities and courses can be made in English, French or other languages.

The UA is a Spanish and pro-European university, distinctly cosmopolitan character by its location in this beautiful city on the Mediterranean Sea coast, historically open to all cultures of the world.




 A.L.I. (University Institute of Language of Alicante) is an association of educational services founded in Alicante in 1988 that has academically led, designed, promoted and managed more than 100 university programs with about 5,000 American students, French and English in the province of Alicante during periods of the year, summer semester and schooldays in the last 28 years.

It pioneered in Alicante in this type of program and remains one of the most important associations in the field of “study abroad” in Spain.

It is located in the Miguel Hernández University of Elche and Alicante and maintains the cooperation agreements with these universities and several other cultural institutions in Alicante and province as well as Spain and Mexico.

Institutional staff A.L.I. It has extensive experience in these studies and doctorated in teaching L2 and the subjects taught in fields and disciplines of Humanities and Arts.

Some of the best American universities, such as Duke University, entrust their students ALI.

The Duke University is world renowned for its academic excellence in undergraduate training and postgraduate, but also by the impact of the research conducted at various centers and institutes investigation.

In the year, or 2016 it is located in the 8th place in the ranking of best universities in U.S.A.



UMH Established in 1996, academic activities began in the 1997/98 academic year.

The Miguel Hernández University of Elche has 4 campuses (Elche, Sant Joan d’Alacant, Orihuela, and Altea) and 75 buildings whose total surface area covers 947,635 m2. Its constructed surface area is 209,876 m2.

There are 16,000 full-time students and 24,500 alumni since the university’s creation. Its budget for 2015 is 90,820,442 €.

The Miguel Hernández University has 7 faculties (Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Experimental Sciences, Faculty of Social and Legal Sciences of Elche, Faculty of Social and Legal Sciences of Orihuela, Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy and Faculty of Medicine) and 2 schools (School of Engineering of Elche and School of Engineering of Orihuela).

Regarding academics, the Miguel Hernández University of Elche offers 25 bachelor’s, 44 master’s, and 16 doctoral programs.



8TRADE is a multidisciplinary Spanish company founded in 1998.

In 2010 he decides to extend its borders and start business as a consulting and service company in China among other countries.

In these years it conducts various activities with Chinese companies, organizing and coordinating commercial programs like EnoBusiness, combining tourist and commercial activities in Spain for Chinese entrepreneurs.

In 2015, at the demand of Spanish studies and after the signing of cooperation agreements with the UA and the UMH and ALI decides to launch a first program of Spanish courses with linguistic and cultural immersion in Spain.

This project called Alichina combines travel and tourism in Spain with intensive courses Spanish and sports activities. It is high quality programs for small groups up to 10 people and 3 or 4 weeks.


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